Gqunube Green Ecovillage History and Mission:

The Gqunube Green Ecovillage is a project of the D T Hudson Christian Ecovillage Trust, (CET) which was formed by a group of friends, led by Roger Hudson. The vision was to create a scenario that encouraged people to live sustainably within a modern context.

The components of the Ecovillage concept include residential development, sustainable commercial ventures, agriculture, indigenous forest,  education and  sharing of ideas.

Gqunube Green Ecovillage is a pilot project of CET. A key component of the vision is to capture and share learning, to improve on them and to replicate the principles and practices and especially to apply these to poorer and marginalized communities. Part of this vision will include accessing funding to purchase suitable land  for the development of low income ecovillages.

A fantastic place to live - just ask those already settled on Gqunube Green