Gqunube Green Ecovillage in Practice:

Sustainable living basically means not taking more out of the earth than you put back. Take water – an extremely precious resource in our land. Every effort should be made to capture, recycle and minimize the use of water. Every site is required to meet certain quality standards before releasing water from the site back into the environment Owners are encourages to store water, and to use water-wise planting.

In building their homes, owners are encouraged to use materials that have minimum impact on the environment. This means different things to different people. Making bricks on site instead of baking them in energy-demanding kilns, and then transporting them in gas-guzzling trucks is sustainable. So is using wood from invasive vegetation instead of burning the alien wood and then shipping in wood from sawmills for beams and trusses.

It might mean designing your house using techniques that allow in maximum natural light and that control heat transfer, to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Or it might mean using alternative energy sources to supplement (and reduce reliance on) the Eskom supply.

You will find that most owners are interested in permaculture as a way of producing at least part of their food needs – but you can still go to your favorite butcher to buy your steak if that is what you like. In practice sustainable living does not mean living like hippies or cavemen; and it does not mean that you have to do things a certain way. It is the end result that is important, not techniques or designs.

Sustainable living or living “green” is the new trend and Gqunube Green Ecovillage provides the ultimate opportunity to be a co-pioneer in the sustainability race.

Come and see for yourself.